A is for Apple
New York State Family Childcare

Any babysitter can just park your child in front of the TV, we are child care providers that use activities to stimulate their language, cognitive, fine motor and gross motor skills.


I am a 41 years old mother of two and have been taking care of children in one way or another since I was 13. I have been an in-home childcare provider, nanny or mothers helper since 1999. I also was a first grade CCD teacher at Sacred Heart Church in Palenville, NY from 1996 until 2011 and 4th grade religious education at St. Joseph Church in Kingston 2014 through 2021.


As a home provider we strongly believe that it is through play that children learn best. We feel it is our role to provide quality, interesting and stimulating materials to facilitate this play. We provide materials that meet a range of developmental levels. This creates an environment for each child to grow and learn at their own rate, because each child is different and therefore grows and learns in their own unique way.

We will implement an enriching program that will meet the children's physical, cognitive, creative, social and emotional needs.

If you would like to see a sample of our curriculum please go to the links page and look under Curriculum.

Parental Involvement

One of the ways we like parents to get involved is if you are from a different culture we invite you to share pictures, books and or other materials that reflect your culture and or language that we can share here at the daycare with the other children.

Also we would like to invite all parents to please feel free to share any special recipes and menus you prepare at home and enjoy especially if your children enjoy them that we can incorporate into our menu plan.

When possible parents are free to come share a menu or information on there culture eg: arts and crafts, songs, style of clothing.

You are more than welcome to come spend an hour with us and join us on any of our excursions to the park/library etc.

Please feel free to donate any activity sheets, crayons, puzzles etc., for the daycare children or any suggestions for activities etc.