A is for Apple

New York State Licensed Group Family Childcare in Kingston, NY

This handbook and contract are legal documents obligating A is for Apple to provide a service for you and obligating you, the parent or guardian, to pay for that service. We urge you to thoroughly read the contract and understand that you will be held liable for each item. By signing it, you are accepting it in all its terms. A failure to enforce one or more of these policies does not waive the provider's right to enforce any other in this handbook or on the childcare contract.

Enrollment Requirements: Before care for your child will begin there are several things you must do:

  1. Read through and become familiar with these Policies. You will be required to initial a copy of this handbook indicating you have read, understand, and agree to all the policies as outlined.
  2. A complete physical must be on file and updated as needed. Please be sure to give updated proof of immunizations as they occur or a medical exemption form if unable to vaccinate. NYS no longer accepts any other exemptions.
  3. All appropriate forms/permissions must be filled out, signed, and on file prior to admission.
  4. A payment of your first week's tuition and final two week's tuition (or a payment arrangement) will be required at the end of the trial period. If care is to start more than 2 weeks in the future, a non-refundable fee in the amount of 50% of the regular rate must be paid weekly or the slot will not be held.

Hours of Operation:The hours of individual care may vary depending on the contract between parents and provider. Care is provided based on contracted hours and any hours/days outside of contract will be subject to additional fees.Care is provided on a first come, first serve basis, however full time slots will be given priority over part time slots. If you are paying for a part time slot and a full-time slot is needed, you will have the choice of paying the full-time tuition or giving your two weeks’ notice.If your child must be absent from care or if you are running late, please call as soon as you are aware of the situation and before your scheduled drop off/pickup time. If no notice is given the no/late show fee will be charged. A no/late show fee may be charged even if notice is given but is then at the provider’s discretion. Late drop offs do NOT allow for late pickups.


Tuition and Fees:

Weekly: 30-45 hours per week$220
Daily: less than 30 hours per week$45
Hourly: less than 3 hours/day or drop in$10

Non-Traditional Hours:additional $5 per hour before 7:00am/after 6:00pm Monday-Friday, and any hours on Saturdays.

No/Late Show Fee:$25 in addition to contracted rate, assessed if child is not in care as arranged.

Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up Fee:$10 plus $1 per minute unless prearranged. There is no grace period.

Overtime:$10 per hour or part thereof, for any contracted time over 10 hours per day or pre-approved time over contracted limit.

Late Payment Fee: $25 per day that payment is not received by 5:30pm on Friday. (i.e. Monday morning = $75)

Returned Check: $25 plus any additional costs incurred. After a returned check, checks will no longer be accepted for payment.
Credit Card Payment Fee: $5 per use


Payment: Due to the limited slots, tuition is due regardless of attendance. Extended leaves may be accommodated at the discretion of the provider. Acceptable payment methods are: cash, check made out to A is for Apple, Facebook Messenger, Apple Pay, Zelle, or PayPal to maryjo@ais4apple.info (any fees are the parent’s responsibility) and credit cards (fees apply).

All tuition is due by 5:30pm on Friday the week before care is provided. If tuition is not received, your child will not be accepted into care again until payment, including all fees, is made. If payment is not received within 1 week at your scheduled drop off, your childcare will be terminated, and you will forfeit the last 2 week of prepaid tuition in lieu of late payment and fees due. When you terminate the childcare arrangements giving 2 weeks’ notice you will have no further obligation for normal care tuition as your final 2 weeks of care are prepaid, however you are still liable for any additional fees you may incur.

Daycare Subsidy: Parents who qualify for Daycare Subsidy must have full approval in place prior to attendance.  ANY fees or tuition not covered by subsidy are the parents' responsibility and are payable in advance of each week or as accrued. This includes but is not limited to tuition amount above allowed amount from county, late fees, child’s absence due to illness and provider’s closed days.  Proof of qualification must be presented to provider prior to start date or parents will be liable for tuition until proof is provided. Upon proof being provided and first payment from the county, A is for Apple will refund all tuition paid by the parent that was covered by the subsidy.

Holidays/Vacation days: The parent will be supplied a calendar of days childcare will not be available. The provider also reserves the right to close additional days each year with as much notice as possible. Parents are responsible for backup childcare for all days this childcare is closed.


Open Door: You are invited and welcome to visit anytime your child is present, however are asked to try to avoid visiting during Rest Time as much as possible. Parents are also free to call and check on their child at any time. If we do not answer, please leave a message, and we will call you back as soon as we are finished with the current activity.


Drop Off/Pick Up:

  1. No child will be allowed to leave with anyone except an authorized person, without written permission from the parent handed to us by the parent. Anyone unfamiliar to us will be required to show identification.
  2. It is normal for your child to cry on arrival. This usually stops within seconds of your departure and we ask that you try to keep drop off as brief as possible (a quick hug, kiss and goodbye has worked even for the clingiest of children).
  3. Please do not sneak out as this can cause future separation anxiety for many children.
  4. Please be responsible for your child during drop off and pick up times. This is when two different authority figures are present and this will be tested to see if the rules still apply.
  5. It is highly recommended that the person picking up the child NOT be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  6. If you are over 30 minutes late picking up, and we have not been notified, first a call will be made to the normal pickup person, then if no answer, an alternate. If we get no response, from any of the listed numbers, then a call to the police will be made.
  7. When exiting, please do not allow your child to open the door or go out before you.


Court Order: Due to NYS law, if there is a court order, we must have a copy on file. If there is no court order on file, we can not prevent either parent from picking a child up from care.


Behavior Management: Corporal punishment is not accepted in childcare. Discipline will be in accordance with age and understanding level. Praise will be used to promote good behavior. Younger children will be redirected to another activity. For more severe misbehavior children may be separated from the group, but within view of the provider at all times for as long as may be needed for the safety of all. If a child becomes a persistent behavior problem, we will address it with you privately and we will try to resolve it together.


Meals: We provide meals and snacks however if your child needs a special diet, you must furnish these foods. Please list on the medical report any food allergies your child may have. Please do not send any food or drink with your child. Please see below for a list of mealtimes; if your child arrives after a meal/snack time, they will wait until the next meal/snack time to eat (does not pertain to infants).


Activities: Age appropriate activities are scheduled, with flexibility allowed to respond to the needs of the individual child and day. We offer times for outside play, crafts, stories, instruction, and naps appropriate to the child's ages, interests, and abilities. We do many arts and crafts where the focus is on the process, not the product. An example of a day:

8:00AM Breakfast12:00PM Lunch
9:00AM Preschool/Learning Activities.12:30PM Story Time
10:00AM Snack Time.1:00PM Quiet/Rest Time.
10:15AM Outside Play3:00PM Afternoon Snack.
11:30AM Lunch Prep/Possible Educational TV3:15PM Preschool/Learning Activities. Crafts.

Dress Code:

  1. All children should be dressed before they arrive. The activities may be messy and weather permitting, we will spend time outdoors. Do not send your child in clothing that you do not want stained. If there is a special occasion that calls for special clothing, please send the clothing with your child and we will help them get dressed prior to your picking them up.
  2. Please send your child in sneakers for outdoor play. Sandals, open toe shoes and clog style shoes are not permitted as they become a hazard when running outside.
  3. We prefer Velcro ties until the child can tie their own shoe.
  4. Please no jewelry or hair ties/styles with beads. This includes but is not limited to teething necklaces.

    Toys: Please DO NOT send anything from home with your child. A special toy or item for sleeping will be allowed but it will remain in the child's cubby until Rest Time. We assume NO responsibility for lost, stolen, or broken things from home. Should the child deliberately destroy our toys or other property through misuse or willfulness, the parent will be required to replace it.


Rest Period: All children are required to have a rest period. No child is forced to sleep; however, they must remain quiet. Older children, and those who wake early, will participate in a quiet activity until Rest Time is over. Children will nap in daycare area on a mat/cot or in a play pen and may be monitor electronically and physically checked every 15 minutes. All infants will be placed on their backs to sleep unless a doctor’s note is provided.


Transportation: At times, it may be necessary for us to transport your child by car. All traffic and safety laws will be followed. No child will ever be left unattended in a vehicle. Unless it is an emergency, you will always be notified prior to any outing from us and reserve the right to refuse, however you will be expected to make other childcare arrangements on that day for your child.


House Cleaning: Our main concern is the care of the children. We clean the house during Rest Time, if all are asleep, and during non-business hours. The children will clean up toys before meals and naps.


Television: There is limited TV use of child appropriate programs in the daycare area, and children are not required to sit and watch.


Child Abuse/Neglect: We are required by law to report any suspected signs of child abuse and/or neglect.


Smoking: The house is a non-smoking environment. There is no smoking in the house or on the property.


Supplies: All children’s items should have their full name written on them. You must provide the following things to be left here:


1 (3 for potty training) complete change of clothing, including shirt, pants, socks, and underwear.

1 pair of slip on, indoor only, shoes (ie. Crocs, canvas shoes, hard soled slipper).

1 jacket or sweater (including in the summer in case child feels cold in air conditioning)

For infants, 1 bottle and Breast milk if breastfeeding (formula is provided)


If these items are not left daily, A is for Apple will purchase the needed items and add the cost to the tuition bill for the week purchased.

Note: Donations of wipes, tissues and paper towels GREATLY appreciated.


Toilet Training: We will assist you in toilet training your child with the understanding that it will be successful only if we all work together. We will use cotton underwear or pull-ups supplied by the parent. Send your child ONLY in easy on/off clothing, like sweatpants or stretch pants, until they can completely undress and dress themselves as buttons hinder getting the pants off as fast as possible. We do not launder soiled items and will send them home in a plastic bag. Please replace any clothing sent home the next day.


Pets: There is a fish tank, a cat and 2 dogs in our house. All are kid friendly, kept healthy and receive all shots if necessary.


Illness: Under no circumstance is a contagious child to attend care. If you are unable to remain home with your child, it is your responsibility to make substitute childcare arrangements. For children in school, any child to ill for school is too ill for childcare.

   For the benefit of all involved, the following policies will be strictly enforced:

  1. Children who have exhibited ANY symptoms of infectious illness within the proceeding 24-hour period should remain at home. Examples of symptoms include, but are not limited to, fever of 100F measured, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, loss of voice, hacking or continuous coughing, yellow or green runny nose, draining eyes or ears, rash, or head lice. If you have read this and are new to our care, please note the hidden phrase is bubblegum and I will give you ten percent off one week of childcare services.
  2. Provider reserve the right to determine whether a child should remain in care where illness is a consideration.
  3. Parents of any child who becomes ill during the day will be promptly notified and are expected to arrange to pick up their child immediately. If the parent cannot be reached, the person designated as the emergency contact will be notified.  A sick child will, if possible, be isolated from the other children to minimize exposure.
  4. If a child becomes ill during childcare hours they will not be readmitted until 24 hours after all symptoms have resolved without medication and for at least 48 hours after pickup.

Immunizations will require the child to be excluded from care for 48 hours so the parent can watch for any possible reactions. The provider highly recommends Friday appointments for these visits.


Medications: At this time, we can administer most medications with the correct paperwork on file.

Hand Washing:
Everyone will thoroughly wash their hands with soap and running water at the beginning of each day, when they are dirty, after contact with any bodily secretion or fluid, after coming in from outdoors, after toileting or assisting children with toileting, after changing a diaper, and before and after food handling or eating.


Power outage: There are flashlights located throughout the house. If the power remains out for some time, there are non- perishables located in the kitchen that will be used to eat. If the weather is inclement and the house is getting too cold for the children, you will be called to pick up your child.


Non-Medical Emergencies: We keep a copy of our emergency plan on file at all times and invite you to review it. If we need to implement our plan you will get a phone call, or a note will be on the door with instructions where the children can be found if you cannot be called.


Medical Emergencies: Although supervision is constantly given, we cannot always be by the child’s side to prevent falls, tripping, bumps, etc. If the child is injured in a non-life-threatening way, we will assess the child and provide first aid. If the injury is more serious, the parent will be notified so the child can be transported to the hospital or doctor’s office. In case of a medical emergency, we will attempt to contact you immediately. If we are unable to reach you, we will start calling the people designated as your emergency contacts. If immediate intervention is required, we will take appropriate immediate action including calling 911 and having your child transported to Kingston Hospital. Parent/guardians are responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical treatment, including emergency transportation if required. A is for Apple, (including employees, family members and property owners) will not be held liable for any sickness/injury of either parent/guardian or child while on these premises, or while the child is in the company of the provider during field trips or outings.


Termination of Care: After a two-week trial period, clients must give 2 weeks written notice of termination of care. If you terminate care without giving appropriate notice, you will be responsible for payment of the final 2 weeks of care whether or not your child is in care. Please be advised that you will be charged the No Show Fee until you notify us that your child will not be returning for up to 1 week of the first no-show. The provider may terminate the childcare agreement at will. Fees and tuition paid are non refundable if care is terminated.


Changes to Policies: Changes may be made to these policies, contracts, consents, and forms as needed with 2 weeks’ notice. Please give written notice of any changes that may occur, especially of name or address.


Confidentiality: The provider will do all possible to protect your family’s privacy and will abide by the state and privacy law. The provider will keep all records and information about your family confidential. Before any information is released to outside persons, a release form will be required.


A is for Apple Rules:  

  1. Have a positive attitude.
  2. Be respectful of others and the environment including our house.
  3. Be polite and show good manners.
  4. Use a voice that is appropriate.
  5. Only adults pick up babies and toddlers.
  6. Always stay with an adult.
  7. Only adults open doors.