A is for Apple
New York State Family Childcare

15 hours

SUNY Health and Safety Training including:

-Competencies for Becoming a Family Daycare Provider

-Nutrition & Health Needs of Children

-Safety and Security Procedures

-Child Abuse and Maltreatment Identification and Prevention

6 hoursTaking Care of Business
1.5 hoursEmergency Preparedness
6 hours
every 2 yrs
Adult, Child and Infant First Aid and CPR w/AED
1.5 hoursReducing Your Risks
1 hourTaking the Journey
1.5 hoursObservation and Assessment
.5 hoursOne Constant in Life
1.5 hoursChild Abuse Family Fued
1.5 hoursThe Magic of Change
1.5 hoursCreative Curriculum
1.5 hoursArranging Play Spaces
1.5 hoursOrganized Play
1.5 hoursFull STEAM Ahead
1.5 hoursHungry for Love
1.5 hoursNAPSACC Childhood Obesity
1.5 hoursNAPSACC Nutrition for Young Children
1 hourNAPSACC Physical Activity for Young Children
1 hourNAPSACC Personal Health and Wellness
1 hourNAPSACC Working with Healthy Families
1 hourNAPSACC Screen Time
1 hour"My Plate" for Daycare Homes
1 hourDancing with Porcupines
1.5 hoursThe Eyes Have It!
1.5 hoursDealing with a Family in Crisis
1.5 hoursLighten Up! Humor is FUN
1.5 hoursWorking Relationships
1.5 hoursChildhood for Sale
1.5 hoursSensory and Art Activities
1.5 hoursDesign Effective Learning Environments
1.5 hoursBe Good to Yourself
1.5 hoursCACFP Food Program Training
1.5 hoursCACFP New Guidelines
2 hoursMarketing Your Business
2 hoursCACFP Components Training
1.5 hoursPreventing Shaken Baby Syndrome
1 hourPreventing SIDS and Promoting Safe Sleeping
1 hour Mandated Reporter
8 hoursMAT (Medication Administration Training)
2 hoursTransportation
1 hour Managing Challenging Behavior: 18 months to 36 months
2 hoursServing Safe Food in Childcare
1.5 hoursKeeping Children Safe: Preventing Lead Poisoning and Other Dangers
4 hoursServing Adequate Foods in Child Care
4 hoursCreating Schedules and Routines
20 HoursCaring for Children in Your Home

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